Friday, October 1, 2010

New Work

acrylic, collage and mixed media


acrylic, collage on paper
Prelude to a Kiss
charcoal, collage and light molding paste on paper

Who Answers
acrylics, collage, mixed media

acrylics and collage on paper

The Amulet
Acrylic on canvas

The folowing illustrations are a few from "Growing Up With a Bucket Full of Happiness" which will be released in November I believe!


Michelle Henninger said...

Oh my you've been busy!!! Looks wonderful Penny! It's always fun to see your latest work! Congrats!!

Aja said...

Wow Penny, your new work is looking better and better. Great job!

Marsha said...


Ann Pilicer said...

Wow you definitely have been quite busy! Wonderful work Penny! Amazing work! thanks for sharing all of it! you should be very proud! :D

Ann Pilicer said...

You are one amazing illustrator! I have chosen to give you an award because you are a wonderful inspiration to me! and I am sure to many! check out my blog to see if you wish! :D

Matthew Gauvin said...

Fantastic work! I'm astounded by how much color you were able to work inot the hair on the first image. WOW! Loving your style.

Matthew Gauvin said...

Your illustrations of children are so much fun and full of energy adn excitement. I've only just begun to be aware of this sort of thing and have begun to try and grasp how to achieve it. You've got a new foloower.

Art Collector's Corner said...

Your works are fabulous!!!
You might want to check out the International Illustration Showcase hosted by International Art Guide -

Nina Aisna said...

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