Friday, May 22, 2009

IF Cracked and Contagous

I ran out of time for my Contagous idea but this is a very rough sketch I did while waiting for my son to finish piano lessons. I hope to finish it soon. As for Cracked, I had to post this one I did months ago based on the story by Cat Weatherill called Barkbelly about a little wooden boy. (It's definitley not Pinnochio but a great story in it's own right!) I did a bunch from this book which are on my website.

Sophie and her Brother, character study

I'm hoping to send these out for promotion. I'm trying to get some more emotion into my paintings. Did this make anyone shed a teeny tear?

Sticking with emotions- I decided to paint an example of two people having different reactions to the same experience.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Check out my new website-

I have a website!

These are for a wonderful group of stories for kids about cooking. I've never really done food before- it was fun and made me hungry. Let me know if you want the recipes!