Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here is a new image for the Holidays. Guoache and colored pencils.

I've re-worked my Rosie character study concentrating on expanding my color pallet and using a more saturated underpainting. Also, the paper is Bristol smooth, the other had a tooth that I didn't like.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chapter Book Portfolio

I've grouped my images depicting older children here. I hope to show art directors not only that I can draw the age group but that my characters are consistant.

Here are some new images for a job I just completed for Compass Publishing. Ten images from the story "Anne of Green Gables". Keep in mind Anne grows form the age of 11 to about 18 here. This was a super fast deadline. Lots of stress to finish in time but I was happy with the results.

Next are some samples I did from the book "Barkbelly" by Cat Weatherhill. Sort of a modern Pinocchio.

Cover for The Curse of Amun Ra. Acrylics, guoache and colored pencils

Selection of pieces for the Tayke-Off Adventure Series, page down for more of these. Guoache and colored pencils.

Sample from Cooking's Cool book proposal. Guoache and colored pencils.

Samples of illustrations for a version of The Jungle Book, coming soon by Compass Publishing. Guoache and colored pencils.

The Tayke-Off Travel Adventure Series

These are images used in the proposal as passport photos. Colored pencils only here.

These are a collection of pictures for a book proposal. It's a travel book series written by Jilliane Hoffman. Amanda, the main character, is keeping a journal and taking pictures of her family's trips around the world.

Picture Book portfolio

I'm assembling images that will suit picture books and seperating them from my chapter book samples or pictures of older children.

Some examples of sequential images from a story idea I have called, My Hair is Fine.

Cooking's Cool proposal

These were commissioned by a wonderful writer named Cindy Sardo. She wrote a bunch of stories about a teacher who uses cooking to teach her class many lessons including eating healthy and creatively. Watch for these to be published soon!