Monday, March 9, 2009

updated portfolio

Please page down to see all of my updated portfolio.

This next piece was for the cover of a chapter book called, The Curse of AmunRa by L.A.Reiss

The folowing three are a promo for book Titled Let It Fly by Robin Hoffman

Here are a few with a more wimsical feel for the easy reader market.

Next four are a character study titled Rosie for the tween market.

Here are three from a true story I've written called Pamela and the Twins, (I was one of the twins!) Dummy is available upon request.

The folowing 5 pieces were done for the book proposal The Tayke Off Travel Adventures by Jilliane Hoffman

Here's another group of pictures for wonderful cooking stories for kids called Cooking's Cool by Cindy Sardo

Now some images from one of the two books I've done for Compass Publishing- Anne of Green Gables.

The next four are some portfolio pieces I did based on the book Barkbelly by Cat Weatherhill

Thanks for looking!


Girl Director said...

Penny, you just blow me away with your artwork. It's awesome!


Maria Madonna Davidoff said...


It was great meeting you personally at the CBIG meeting! You really have very good pieces here in your portfolio.